The NDC Manage – Pallet Management System

NDC’s Pallet Management System is a comprehensive software package for controlling your automated facility. The Pallet Management System interfaces with your existing control and production systems to track your product flow from production to storage all the way to final despatching.

The Pallet Management System consists of two main parts, warehouse management and AGV control. The warehouse management side of the program tracks products as they move through your facility and provides accurate and up to date information on their location and status. The AGV control side of the program interacts with your systems and sends AGVs to pick up and deliver loads where they are needed as they are needed.


The Pallet Management System is a complex and sophisticated program but runs on standard, easy to source hardware. All that is required for operation is a standard Windows PC with database software and any connections that may be necessary for communication with your production systems.

The AGVs are controlled over a standard wireless network with access back the the main Pallet Management System. A simple and intuitive user interface is presented to allow your staff to monitor the status of the system and control the AGVs as necessary.

Communication and Interfacing

Any warehouse management system needs to communicate with the other systems already in place in your facility. NDC’s Pallet Management System can provide an interface to communicate with any existing warehouse management systems as well as connect directly with the palletisers, truck loaders and robot cells already in your facility.

Different systems use different protocols for communication. Our Pallet Management System has the ability to utilise any protocol as required. Common interface methods include: shared database transfer, WCF communication and text file protocols.


The Pallet Management System automatically tracks the location and status of all products in your warehouse. This means you can retrieve this information at any time you need it. With the ability to report on the status of your storage, details on any one product line or finding a specific pallet the Pallet Management System can be a great benefit to your organisation.

The system can create reports on any facet of your inventory, the AGV system’s current utilisation and time till maintenance. All reports and notification can be produced locally or sent via email to staff members on or off site.

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Pallet Management System