Standard AGV Configurations

Pallet AGVs are direct forklift replacement vehicles. NDC vehicles can be customised to fit a variety of different fork configurations and hydraulic systems capable of carrying heavy loads.

  • Variable fork configuration/sizing to fit your pallet dimensions
  • High capacity models can carry multiple pallets
  • Lift height can be extended up to 10.5m

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Reel AGVs are designed to carry bulk reels of paper. They are suited to inter-storage transport or carrying a roll between different stations as it is processed.

  • Reel bed/fork size is adjustable for different size reels

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Specialized AGV Configurations

Side-loading AGV allow for smaller drive lanes and can increase the amount of space available in your warehouse.

  • Side-loading turret can operate with 1.8m wide lane
  • 10.5m lift height to maximise vertical storage potential

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Micro AGVs can be used to carry partially completed products between plant stages in tight spaces. A fleet of these small vehicles can replace complex conveyor systems or manual handling inside a production facility.

  • Small size allows for manoeuvring in tight spaces
  • efficient Low cost/high volume design

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Custom Designed Vehicles

Some warehouse and production environments have unique situations that cannot be adapted to standard equipment. With NDC it is possible to design an AGV tailor-made to your specifications.

  • Adapt to unique load requirements
  • Operate in non-standard environments
  • Complete customisation

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